telegraphs in negative/mouths trapped in static (surrealchemist) wrote,
telegraphs in negative/mouths trapped in static

miasmal smoke

Donated her eyes when she was young and shy,
hated her awkward breasts and filled the yawning skylines with kisses
sweet, to hear existence beat, to hold it tangible and drifting,
ever so gently sifting summer sky, donated her eyes, donated her eyes
to feel her actual senses, oh sweet 16, to feel what life was like,
donated her eyes to feel life as she imagined it

Go back to sleep you yellow bellied freaks, afraid of God and modern science
Go back to sleep, if I could only sleep, if I could stop imagining if my dreams weren't after me
Through piss and sweaty blankets, the deafening hum of some great silence
The jingle jangling heat, the strangling sheets, terrible and fucking meaningless

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