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exterminate all rational thought

telegraphs in negative/mouths trapped in static
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every man is born a poet, lives like a thief, and dies a vampire.

thrice did I slip backwards into strange forms of myself, and thrice did my soul save me.

.cultural theory: phase space geometry, computational energy, information mechanics, synergetics, process philosophy, general systems theory, pattern theory, organization theory, semiotics, chaos linguistics, cybernetics, memetics, hermeneutics, kabbalah, gnosticism, sufism, the gurdjieff work, neojungian psychology, information theory, neoplatonism, morphic field theory, bicameral and unicameral modes of mind, holographic models of information and reality, liminocentric geometry, modes of being, modes of space/time perception, the eternal recurrence, quantum ambient consciousness, nonlinear dimensionality, pattern nebulae, novelty manifolds, anergetics
.cultural practice: alchemy, magic, shamanism, the total science, lucid dreaming, hypnosis, anamnesis, notariqon, entheogens, kundalini yoga, reiki, i ching, meditation, prayer, synchromancy, sigils, neuro-linguistic programming, isopsephia, metempsychosis, stones, wayward mining, qi channeling, luck

.generalizing heisenberg's uncertainty principle to information theory
.constructing machines that exchange space and time via s=t*c, in analogy to e=m*c^2
.liquifying history in order to [eliminate time and therefore] immanentize the eschaton
.quantifying and describing the human religious experience
.constructing my own personal synchronicity-inducing library and then testing it on other people by lending them books
.developing the theory and practice of thoughtform architecture, psychic mirroring, epicognition and synchromancy (coincidence evocation using novelty waves)
.building the tesla-babbage synchronmaschine
.constructing an alternate eschaton point [of analinear temporality] via egregore
.describing the syntax of reality

the price of identity is suffering.

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23, 43, 96, alchemical transformation, algorithms, analinear eschatology, archetypes as information channels, austin osman spare, autopoiesis, bicameral mind, book of antennae, book of lies, carl jung, chaos linguistics, chuang tzu, codex seraphinianus, coincidentia oppositorum, computational energy, daniel higgs, david bohm, david lynch, diachronicity, dictionary of the khazars, doppelgangers, enantiodromia, ephemeralization, eternity, gematria, gnosis, gospel of thomas, grant morrison, gurdjieff, hakim bey, heraclitus, hermann hesse, hidden variables, holons, hypnerotomachia poliphili, i ching, isaac luria, isopsephia, jacob boehme, jesu christo, joachim of fiore, jorges luis borges, julian jaynes, kabbalah, ken wilber, kenosis, kierkegaard, kundalini yoga, labyrinths, liminocentric geometry, linguistic geometry, living scripture, lvx+vox=nox, meister eckhart, memetics, metempsychosis, milorad pavic, mimicry in nature, mind physics, model agnosticism, modes of being, morphogenetic fields, mushrooms, neuro-linguistic programming, nicholas of cusa, nikola tesla, notariqon, novelty waves, obsolete scientific theories, occult philosophy, omega point, ontology shifts, oracles, ouroborus, pablo picasso, pattern nebulae, pattern philosophy, paul laffoley, phenomenology of revelation, philip k. dick, process philosophy, psychedelics, qualia, quantum nonlocality, r. buckminster fuller, reality hacking, reality tunnels, reiki, retroactive causality, robert anton wilson, salvia divinorum, semiotics, seriality, sigils, slavoj zizek, starseed, symbols as doorways, synaesthesia as hyperlanguage, synchromancy, synchronicity, synergetics, syzygy, t.s. eliot, tachyons, tai hsuan ching, tao teh ching, tattvas, technological singularity, teilhard de chardin, terence mckenna, the angel of history, the doomsday bonnet, the dreamtime, the eight-circuit model, the glimmering girl, the other, the raumgeist, the ray of creation, the real, the religious experience, the void, the world dream, the world tree, thunder perfect mind, transmissions, tree of life, valis, voynich manuscript, william blake, william butler yeats, william s. burroughs, wittgenstein, yerba mate, zebra, zeteticism, åøð, æ