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old media and liquid history

red this article about by rushkoff the other day.. led me on a belated exploration of the roots of the new internet culture, social networks, and internet memes..  just sitting in /b/ and hitting refresh produces a weird sensation of the weight of the internet space.. posts every few seconds, like liquid information, the oroborus's fangs approaching the fangs.. I suddenly saw how these boards evolved into blogs, then twits, then waves, the speed and granularity increasing exponentially toward the singularity..

also red some old media commentary like the new york times article on trolling, lulz, and the Anonymous collective..  so that's what those guy fawkes kids were doing outside the hubbard recruitment shop..

I think my historical birfurcation theory is indeed unfolding.. alternate infobibles are erupting like gnostic accretions, the false-true prophits of the infocalypse..

the info is dirty, lo-fi, low signal to noise...  it comes off as a kind of frantic-indifferent scream-whisper..  maybe this hyperinsulated ironic-satiric aesthetic is a result of overcompensating for the relative lack of expressive power in the virtual space.. the language is emulating our old gestures, tone, and presence..

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